Greenhouse Ventures Accelerator Program Spring 2018 Application.
From Go-to-Market to Seed Investment and Scalability
Spring Semester 2018: February 20 – April 27, 2018
This is a 22 question application which is meant to be completed in a single 30-60 minute session, depending on your level of preparedness.

You will be asked to submit - personal and corporate contact information - company bio, stage of company, priamary industry, size of company, linkedin profiles of team members - 12-slide company pitch deck OR 5-minute video pitch (must follow suggested provided formats).

Application period for the Spring 2018 accelerator program ends 12:00 AM (midnight) of January 30th 2018, after which, applications will not be accepted. Greenhouse Ventures will accept up to 20 ventures into the Spring 2018 accelerator program.

Applications are evaluated by a Vetting Committee comprised of seasoned investors, serial entrepreneurs, as well as cannabis industry experts. Accepted Ventures will be announced by February 7, 2018.

First Name *

Last Name *

Phone Number *

LinkedIn Profile *

Company Name *

Company Website *

One-sentence company pitch *

Company Type Description

For "Other" Please provide a brief description that best defines your company's business type or industry sector.
Number of full time team members *

Name and LinkedIn Profile of full time team members

Please provide the first name, last name and LinkedIn Profile of each of your company's full time team members. I you're not sure of their LinkedIn profile you may just provide their name.
Team Member 1: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 2: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 3: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 4: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 5: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 6: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 7: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 9: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Team Member 10: First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile

Monthly Burn Rate *

Please provide your companies estimated total expenses per month or burn rate in $'s.

Through what other organization or method did you hear about Greenhouse Ventures Fall 2017 Application?
Individual's name from organization selected above that told you about Greenhouse Ventures?

Please provide the first and last name of the individual who referred you to Greenhouse Ventures.
First Name

Last Name

Provide an Executive Summary for you company or business. *

Please upload 2-page Executive Summary in PDF format.
How will you and your team participate if accepted in Greenhouse Ventures Fall 2017 semester? *

Provide the following business pitch and profile information for your company.

Answer the following business profile questions that will helpl define a pitch deck for your company.
Describe, in detail, your primary customer. *

Describe, in detail, your secondary customer. *

What's the business problem you solve? *

Solution, How does your company uniquely solve the problem? *

What is the opportunity for this business to scale, and how is your team equipped to capitalize on this opportunity? *

What makes you uniquely qualified to build this particular business? *

Who are your 3 primary competitors and how do you differentiate from them? *

What kind of traction does your company have? *

Select any of the items apply to the position and status of your company's development.

What is the company’s biggest need outside of capital?

How much capital is the company seeking at or after Demo Day?

How much capital has the company raised to date and at what terms?

Why should your company be accepted into Greenhouse Ventures accelerator? *

Select Pitch Method to Submit *

You are required to provide an example of a pitch covering your business's profile and pitch information from the previous questions.
Please select a format below to submit a pitch for your business:
A. Pitch Deck - PDF, 15-slide (max)
B. Video Pitch - Youtube, Vimeo or similar video host file link or share URL (approx 5 minutes in length)

Provide a Pitch Deck for Your Business. *

Please Upload a Pitch Deck ( 15-slide max. in PDF format) covering your businesses profile and pitch information from the previous questions.
Provide a Link to a Pitch Video for Your Business. *

Please provide a file URL or share link to access your Pitch Video. 
The video should be approximately 5 minutes long, hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or similar platform format.
Thank you for your submission. Please check for a confirmation email from our team verifying that we've received your application.
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